12/21/18Currently taking names for on a waiting list for the litters noted below. Puppies available beginning of February Contact me at cessrick#gmail.com.  Diane Turner in Brooksville , Pacific Shelties also has two litters.  Puppies are 8 wks and 6 wks.  contact her at pacificshelties@yahoo.com.


12/7/18 Lorain's Prima Ballerina (GrCh. Loriain's Prima Donna daughter by Gr.Ch. Carmylie Sea Wave) gives birth to Six Pack #2, 4 boys, 2 girls.  Sire is Lorain's Winner Takes All "Tyler , pt. ) who is a Diva Son.  Puppies Pictured at 3 wks.


111/27/18 Lorain's Pacific Palisades "Sadie" gives birth to Six Pack #1 - 4 girls, 2 boys by Ch.Solange Tour De Force, ROM Pictured at 3.5 wks.


8/22/16  Diva and her babies are enjoying their two week stay with Auntie Diane out on the farm in Brooksville. Puppies got their "ear do's", first set of shots , puppy collars and a little table practice.  All are safe in size at the moment., with Sailor being the most iffy for now on size.

First up - Margot  (Girl)

Second Up Sprite (Girl)

Third Up - Splash (Boy)

Last up - Sailor (Boy)

7/26/16  Diva's babies at 4 wks. Getting cuter by the day.


       Girl "Sprite"                                                                                                                               Girl "Margot"

                   Boy "Splash"                                                                                                                      Boy "Sailor"

7/17/16  Diva's baries are up on their feet now and beginning to act like puppies. They tried out their new bed Auntie Antoinette sent them. Bizkit says the bed is also kitty approved.

7/176/25/16 Diva's puppies have arrived. There are two boys and two girls.  Momma and babies are doing great.  Girls to the left, boys to the right.

6/18/16  Vinnie picks up another major RWD under Roger Hartinger at the St Petersburg KC. Tampa FL. So close!!

6/17/16  The puppy count  via x ray and ultrasound for Diva is four.  Litte due 6/24 according to the repro vet. We shall see who is right - the repro vet with her fancy progesterone testing and technology  or Diva.

6/8/16  A little belated, but Lorain is proud to announce its first MACH (Master Agility Champion) MACH Lorain's Mouth of the South.( "Clay") who finished his title in December 2015.  it took several placements before this little dog found the right person to bring out his talents.  Kudos to his owner for allowing him to shine.

6/2/16  We are expecting!!! Litter #1 - GrCh. Carmylie Sea Wave, AOM X Gr.Ch. Lorain's Prima Donna.  Puppies due 6/22/16. No deposits will be taken until puppies are safely on the ground at about 2 wks of age.    

 5/22/16 Vinnie is on a roll, once again going WD,BW and BOB at the Grater Daytona KC under Judge Francine Schwartz. To my surprise Lorain's Road Race (Ch. Luck of the Draw X Lorain's Alligator Alley) "Indy" goes RWB at the same show. A very good show weekend!!  Vinnie now has 3 pts.

5/21/16 Vinnie picks up his second pt, going WD,BW,and BOB over a special, at the Volusia KC, under Judge Houston Clark.

4/24/16 Pacific Crime Spree "Vinnie" (Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw X Pacific Incorrigible (6 pts, 1 mjr) goes WD,BW at Heartland KC, under Judge Robert Stein for his first point.

3/12/16 In only his third outing as an adult, Lorain's Winner Takes All "Tyler" garners a 4 pt specialty Reserve Winner's Dog, at the Southeast Shetland Sheepdog Club, under respected breeder Judge Charlotte McGowen.  

1/29/16  Several of Stella's babies have flown the coop to new homes.  The remaining two will leave for new homes 2/7./16.  check back in the spring for new litters.  There may be some young adults available in the next months or so.

1/23/16 Stella's bro, Pacific Crime Spree "vinnie" garners a a major reserve win under Charles Trotter.

1/14/16  It is now Grand Champion Lorain's Prima Donna.  Diva gets that elusive last singe, blowing coat on the beginning of the Florida Winter Circuit , Manatee Kennel Club under Judge Terry DiPietro.  Thanks for the belated birthday present Diva. A breeding to Ch. Solange Surround Sound is planeed for early spring/summer.

12/16/15  Diva will end the year needing only one point to finish her Grand :(. Unfortunately the coat fairy was unkind and decided to cast her dust bunny spell on Diva just before the last shows of the season here in Orlando.  Hopefully she will grow enough coat back to get that last single on the Florida Circuit the middle of January.  In other news, Stella's babies are unbelievably 5 wks old already and are high on the cuteness factor.  I have accepted some deposits and am compiling a waiting list.  There is one possible female show prospect available to a proven show home with references.  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact me.

11/28/15 Diva is Select Bitch again,handled by me,  under Judge June Penta, for one more point. Diva now needs only one single for her Gr. Ch,, just a mere thee months from her start. 

11/27/15 Diva is Select Bitch under Judge Fredickson at the Ft. Lauderdale shows, for one more point, handled by me.

11/5/15 Diva goes SB at the Tampa Bay Shetland Sheepdog Specialty under Victoria Picarillo for a fat 5 pt major, bringing her total up to 22 points. Pitching in for me while I had to work, was her BFF,  Grandma Sheila Monks.

11/11/15 Pacific Steal the Show "Stella" safely delivers 5 new babies, 3 girls and 2 boys by Pacific Let's Have a Drink (Ch. Grandgables Lets Show Off (ASSA WD 07) son)

10/25/15 Finally back home in Florida, Diva goes BOS under Judge Arlene Benko at the Brandon Kennel Club show, for one more Gr. Ch. point, handled by me.
10/10/15 Diva gets back to back 5 pt  major Select Bitch, at the Pacific Palisades Shows in New York,  the  first under supported entry Judge Janet Nahikian, and in the afternoon, at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of New Jersey, under Debra Wyman. Diva was handled as always by Grandma Sheila Monks.

9/10/15 Indy's litter was born 5 days premature, with only one lone survivor ,born at a mere 2 oz.  Baby Mira (Lorain's Pocketful of Miracles) is now almost 12 weeks old and doing great.  She will be staying here for now, til a determination can be made whether she will be big enough to show.

10/22/15 Back home here in Florida, finally,  Diva is BOS under Arlene Benko today, adding one more Gr. Ch. point to her total, handled by me.

8/16/15  First time out as a special, new Champion Lorain's Prima Donna "Diva" goes BOB for a three point major with competition, under Judge Wendy Wilhauck.




8/15/2015 Puppies Are coming!!!  Lorain's Road Race "Indy" has been bred to Ch. Solange Curb Appeal "Curby" . Puppies due September 18, 2015. Contact me if you want to be on the waiting list. 

8/13/2015, its now Champion Lorain's Prima Donna, Diva again goes WB,BW and BOB at Susque.Nango KC, under Judge Nan Bodine. Diva was handled to all her wins by Sheila Monks.  Diva is the 8th champion for her sire Ch. Shieldcrest Colorado who saw 3 kids of his finish in the past two week.. Diva is the first Champion for her mom GrCh. Lorain's the Drama Queen.  

8/6/15 Lorain's Prima Donna (Diva) goes WB,BW and BOB for her first major, at Glens Falls KC, Ballston Spa, NY under Judge Michael Forte, handled by Grandma Sheila Monks.

May 23, 2015  We say goodbye to Phoebe, Lorain's Phantom Maneuvers, dam of Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw and Ch. Lorain's Streetwalker.  Fondly called the "little red dog", she was the favorite of all who met her.  Born June 9, 2000, she was just 10 days shy of 15, and her loss just six months after Tuffy made 2015 a very sad year.

January 11, 2015, We say goodbye to Tuffy, Ch. Lorain's Street Performance, sire of Ch. Lorain's Streetwalker by Lorain's Phantom Maneuvers who was born just seven days  before Phoebe.   Tuffy was 14 1/2.  Tuffy lived most of his years with Dione Houchins until her untimely death from cancer. Her came back here to live at age ten where he was much loved.  Always a gentleman, his quiet nature and sweet demeanor will be sorely missed.

7/12/14  Lorain's Jet Stream "Kobe" is WD for a 4 pt major under Carolyn Herbel, today in West Palm Beach,  to finish his Championship.  Kobe was shown to this wonderful win by his owner, who took this adorable llittle male I thought would be too small to show, from first baby steps in the ring to Champion in only three years.   Kobe is the first to finish for his sire Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw and his mom Raymar Skyrocket. He is the 10th homebred and 11th ch. Chance has several other pointed offspring including Gopher Hollow Royale Flush (14 pts, both majors and Best in Sweeps), Pacific Steal the Show (2 pts), Lorain's Road Race (1 pt) and Lorain's Winner Takes All (best in Sweeps) Lorain's Added Attraction (runner up to best in sweeps) Not bad for a little dog that has seen limited use.

Lorain's Tamiami Trail (Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw x Lorain's Alligator Alley will be bred this weekend (7/4/14) to Lorain's Winner Takes All (Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw X Lorain's Prima Donna.  Puppies will be due around labor day. 

6/29/14 Lorain's Prima Donna "Divia" is WB and Best of Opposite under Robert Frost, Bainbridge, NY,  for her first two points . Diva was handled to this win by Charlene Jones, Shieldcrest Shelties. She is sired by Ch. Shieldcrest Colorado out of Gr. Ch. Lorain's The Drama Queen.

5/3/14  Lorain's Looking Skyward 'Dione" has 2 little girls, sired by Shieldcrest Tenessee (Ch. Shieldcrest  Colorado Son)

3/15/14 Lorain's the Prima Donna, takes a major reserve, under Judge Butch Schulman, at Ft. Lauderdale KC, Davie, FL.  Diva is Gr.Ch. Lorain's the Drama Queen's daughter by Ch. Shield Crest Colorado. 

3/14/14 Pacific Incorrigible, (Coral) a Ch. Lorain's Presumed Innocent, CD,PT, VC daughter goes WB,BW at the Ft. Lauderdale KC, in Davie, FL under Judge Pat Laurans for a 3 pt major. Coral now has 5 pts, one major.

1/10/2014 The year is off to a great start, with Lorain's Jet Stream (Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw x Raymar Skyrocket) going WD,BW under Charles Olvis for a huge 4 pt major on the tough Florida Winter Circuit.  Kobe now has 11 pts, one major and the road to the finish line is in sight. Kobe has been trained to perfection by his owner, Charlyn Davis and expertly handled to this win by Sheila Monks. 

1/3/2014 In a great kickoff to the New Year,  much to my surprise and utter delight and totally unexpectedly, Sarah, Ch. Lorain's The Drama Queen was awarded BOB by Judge Harry Smith, to complete her Gr. Championship. This was Sarah's 7th major on her quest for that one elusive win over another Champion.  As usual she decided to keep "the drama" going and do it in grand style. She now is almost 1/2 way to her bronze GrCh.  While girls, Diva and Coral won their classes, they lost WB to Ch, Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance" daughter, Gopher Hollow Royale Flush "Breeze" who added two more points to her total, bringing her up to 4.  Photo by Dean Von Pusch,  taken approx 2 1/2 yrs ago in the best coat she ever had. Sarah is my first Grand Champion. Now the torch passes to her daughter, Lorain's Prima Donna "Diva", who goes to battle on the tough Florida Winter Circuit.

12/12/12 It was girl power at the Central Florida Kennel Club runner up show to Eukanuba. Pacific Simply Incorrigible "Coral" (a Ch. Lorain's Presumed Innocent "Bailey" dau) was WB for 1 pt and co conspirator in crime Lorain's Prima Donna "Diva" (Ch. Shieldcrest Clolorado x Ch. Lorain's the Drama Queen) was RWB, thus ending the show year on an upbeat. Onward to the Florida Circuit in January for these two girls.

12/7/13 Lorain's Jet Stream "Kobe" was WD,BW at the Miami Kennel Club show under Eric Ringle f or 2 pts, bringing his total up to 7. He will be out chasing those majors on the Florida Circuit, handled by Sheila Monks.

12/3/13  It is with great sadness that we learn of the sudden unexpected passing on 11/29,of Pam Roberts , from a massive heart attack.  Pam was ,the beloved owner of  the multi-titled Lorain's The Big Red One. These two were a formidable pair in the performance arena well into Christopher's advanced years.  A truly gentle soul, with never a bad word about anybody, I cherish the small part played in the life of Pam Roberts and the joy she shared through the love and bond of a dog.  May she and Christopher now be rejoined in eternal life together.

11/4/13 All Ali's pups, except for one girl, are spoken for and most have gone to their new homes. First reports are that they are making mom  Ali and dad  Chance proud, sleeping through the nite, no crate accidents and taking to their new families like ducks to water. 

11/3/13 Lorain's Jet Stream (Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw x Raymar Skyrocket) was WD and BW in Knoxville, TN for two points giving him a total of 5 points. He was shown to this win by handler Jessica Starbuck. Not bad for a dog who wont be three for another month.

10/1/13 Ali's pups are 4 weeks old today.  This busy group of 7 is wearing mom Ali out. They are eating baby cearal and milk and are pretty steady on their feet, but need another week or two to really get their mojo going.  

9/28 -29/13 At the ocala shows, Saturday Gopher Hollow Royale Flush "Breeze" a Chance daughter, goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite for her first 2 pts from the 12-18 class. Sunday, Lorain's Road Race "Indy" another Chance daughter wins the Bred By Exhibitor class at her first outings as an adult (19 mos old).  Chance now has three pointed offspring, Lorain's Jet Stream Kobe, age 2 1/2, Breeze (noted above) and Pacific Steal the Show "Stella" age 11 mos.All have two points.  Chance was 6 in April.Looks like he has found something he is really good at 

9/3/13 Ali safely delivered a litter of 7 puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls by Chance, Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw. This is a repeat of an earlier breeding that produced wonderful, outgoing, flashy guys and gals.  Mom and babies are doing fine.  There is a waiting list being formed and deposits will be accepted on 9/17/13.  Pups will be ready for new homes around the middle of November. Puppies are placed according to their needs and that of the chosen families.
For further info contact cessrick@gmail.com.

5/4/13  Its a six pack for Diva and Chance. Bonus puppy turned out to be a girl, so there are two females, and 4 males.  Babies are doing fine. Names are being accepted for the waiting list, no deposits taken til approx June 1. Puppies are placed according to their needs and the families, NOT according to first come, first served.  

4/26/13 X Ray confirms Diva is expecting 5 puppies, due between 4/29-5/5/13.  A waiting list is now being compiled.  Deposits will be accepted between 2-6 wks.   Puppies will be ready for new homes 8-12 weeks after their birth.  contact me at essrick@gmail.com to be placed on the waiting list.

4/4/13  Lorain's Prima Donna "Diva" is expecting puppies by Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance. Puppies are due the 4/29-5/5. Contact me to be placed on a waiting list.

12/08/12 Marti's puppies arrive safely. There are two boys and two girls. Mom and pups are doing fine. Deposits are now being accepted.

11/17/12 Lorain's The Drama Queen "Sarah" goes WB and Best of Opposite at the Greater Ocala Kennel Club show, under Judge Sonny Ambrosio to finish her Championship.  Many thnaks to Sheila Monks for her beautiful presentation of Sarah to this win.  Sarah is the first Ch for her mother Lorain's Key Biscayne and the second for her sire Ch. Ross Roi Foxbrook Magnum, HT RN.  Sarah was owner handled in the Bred By Exhibitor class for all other wins. 

10/17/12 Marti (Ch. Shieldcrest Colorado daughter) has been bred to Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw (Chance).  Puppies are expected around December 9. Inquires are welcome, but no reservations nor deposits will be taken until puppies are safely on the ground.

10/17/12 Ali's pups are off to new homes except for two girls, Indy and Tam-Tam (now 8 mos and safely in size) who will remain for now as show prospects. One of these girls may be available for those who can pass stringent reference checks.

2/3/12  Ali's puppies arrive safely.  3 girls and 5 boys.  Mom and babies are doing well, though momma is still trying to figure out what to do with all those babies!!

1/17/12  X-Ray confirms that Lorain's Aligator Alley "Ali" is expecting a whopping litter of 8!!  Sire is Ch. Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance"  Pupppies due 2/3/12.  Inquiries/reservations  entertained after the pups are safely on the ground.

Its been a busy year between work and showing dogs. But there have been some major accomplishments.  in June Lorain's The Drama Queen, "Sarah" picked up her first major, now needing only one more  to finish.  Wednesday, December 14, 2011, It is new Ch.  Lorain's Luck of the Draw . "Chance" was WD, and BW under Judge Pete Dawkins for a three point major to finish.  Chance won his first major in the tough Florida Winter Circuit competition. His second major was won under similar circumstance with all the handlers down for Eukanuba.  Chance is looking forward to a career as a stud muffin  now.  Chance is my 9th homebred Ch and the first to finish owner handled from the bred By Exhibitor class. This will earn us a trip to Eukanuba next year and a medallion from  AKC. To make the win evern sweeter, I passed off my special to stay on chance and despite that Ch. Goper Hollow Joyful Mission, shown by owner Larraine Stovall was select bitch to complete her Grand Championship, getting her an invite to Eukanuaba next year as well.

December 28, 2010 We say goodbye to Charmie, Lorain's Third Times A Charm, PT,  (6/6/96 - 12/28/10) after a brief,but valiant battle with nasal cancer. Known as Lil Ms Sunshine or the golden retriever in sheltie fur, she will be sadly missed by all. 

December 27, 2010, Lucy's puppies are born with only one girl surviving. The father is Lorain's Lets Roll.

December 11, 2010. Skylar's puppies arrive safely at 2:00 am in the morning.  The father is Chance, Lorain's Luck of the Draw.  There are three boys, one girl.  Taking reservations now for the boys, they will be ready for new homes around February.  E mail for more info.

October 10, 2010 Hard to belive Jazz babies will be 7 weeks old tomorrow.  They are the best babies - so quiet, well behaved, barely bark - a first for a litter here.

October 10, 2010, at the Greater Venice KC, Chance is WD and BW under Judge Steven Gladstone, picking up another single, now up to 11 pts, and a major. The end is near .!!

September 25, 2010, at the Volusia County Kennel Club, Chance is WD and Best of Opposites  under judge R.C. Thomas, for another point bringing his total up to 10 pts, one major.

August 23, 2010 Jazz (Lorain's Street Beat) x Evan (Ch. Sandance  Ardastra )puppies  arrive safely today. There are two boys and one girl

May 2, 2010 With great sadness we report the passing of Dione Houchins, Raymar Shetland Sheepdogs, Southwest Ranches, after a brave, and hard fought battle with breast cancer.  Her beloved Tuffy, Ch. Lorain's Street Performance who was co-owned through his championship and his pointed daughter, BPIS Raymar Skyrocket have come here to stay.

April 2010 We learn the sad news of the passing of two shelties bred here at Lorain, Lorain's The Big Red One, CD,RN,HSAS,JHD, HTDI "Chrissy" beloved companion for 14 years of Pamela Roberts, Virginia and Lorains Sneak Preview, Cd,NA, NAJ, PT "Lassie" beloved companion of Lynn Prescott,  for over 15 years, also of Virginia.  Chrissy is the littermate to Lorain's Third Times a Charm, PT, still bossing everyone around here. Lassie was the littermate to BISS Am/Can. Ch. Lorain's Repeat Performance, CD,PT,VC, who we lost approximately two years ago.   Prayers and thanks go out to both these owners not only tor the wonderful homes and lives they gave these two shelties but also the opportunities they provided to live up to their potential.

April 17, 2010, Lorain's Streetwalker "Tootsie" is WB, BOS at the Atlanta Kennel Club under Judge Judith Goodin, to finish her Championship. Tootsie is the 8th Am. Ch and the first for her sire Ch. Lorain's Street Performance "Tuffy" and Lorain's Phantom Maneuvers "Phoebe"

April 9, 2010, Gopher Hollow Joyful Mission "Mission" owned and bred by Larraine Stovall, and handled by me, is WB,BW to finish her champsionship, at the Jacksonville Shetland Sheepdog Club, under Judge Katie Gammill. Mission is the first homebred Ch. for Larraine Stovall

April 9, 2010 Lorain's The Drama Queen "Sarah" is RWB at the Jacksonville Shetland Sheepdog Club under Judge Katie Gammill.

March 12, 2010 Lorain's The Drama Queen "Sarah" is RWB at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southeast Florida under Judge Linda More

February 28, 2010 Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance" is RWD at the Tallahassee Shetland Sheepdog Club Specialty under Judge Shelby Price

February 12, 2010 Jazz has a singleton boy pup sired by Ch. Warmwind's Bourbon D'Bear; "Teddy"

January 24, 2010. At the Pasco Kennel Club, Brooksville, FL, Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance" wins a fat 4 pt major on the tough winter circuit under judge Nina Van Camp.

January 20, 2010 Kaley's pups are born. Four flashy girls!! The pups sire is Ch. Sheildcrest Colorado. 

November 6, 2009. Ch. Lorain's Presumed Innocent, PT "Bailey", completes his CD, thereby making him eligible for his VC versatility award from the American Shetland Sheepdog Association.  Sister Peach is surely smiling up there in heaven at her litter brother.  Look for Bailey competing in the Best All Around Sheltie at the Tuscon Nationals March 20010.

November 20, 2009 Lorain's Key Biscayne, "Kaley" (pts) has been bred to Ch. Sheildcrest Colorado "Kyle"  Puppies will be due January 20, 2010.

November 1, 2009,  Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance" is WD,BOS at the Boca Raton Show under Eric Ringle for another point, bringing his total up to 5 pts, one third of the way to his Championship.  Chance just turned two last April

October 31, 2009, Lorain's Streetwalker "Tootsite" is WB under Donna Buxton, in Ohio bringing her within one point of finishing.

September 10,2009 Lorrain's Luck of the Draw "Chance"  is WD under Ken Buxton at the Suwanee Kennel Club show for 2 more points, bringing his total up to 4.  Chance is a half brother to Tootsie and is one of three Phoebe kids with points.  Maybe a ROM in her future??

September 3, 2009 Lorain's Streetwalker "Tootsie" goes WB,BW under Carolyn Herbel at the Fort Steuben Kennel Club Show, for her second major!! Tootsie now needs only two singles to finish.

August 30, 2009 Lorain's Streetwalker "Tootsie" goes WB, BOS under Charles Olvis, Lexington, KY for her her 1st major.  Tootsie now has 9 pts, one major.   Good news around here sure is welcome.

August 23, 2009 Sarah's pregnancy is confirmed. Puppies are due 9/23.

July 1, 2009. Ch. Lorain's Scene Stealer, HSAs, CD, VCX "Snickers", loses her 15 month battle with cancer.  Her death, just a month after Peaches, is a double whammy - tearing an even bigger hole in an alraedy weeping heart. The loss of two very promising girls gone too soon is overwhelming.

May 25,2009 We mourn the loss of Ch. Lorain's Impeachable Offense, PT, "Peaches" one day after giving birth in an emergency C-Section that resulted in not only her death but the loss of thee of the four puppies expected.  Only a tiny boy remains alive at this time.  Her loss to my breeding program as well as to my heart is incalcuable and brings home why breeding is not for the faint hearted.

May 2009  Lorain's Key Biscayne "Kaley" hits the show circuit with handler Diane Steele. First weekend out results
5/14/09 Clarkville KC, Jackson, TN WB, BOS (but didnt cross over for the points) under Ms. Paula Hartinger
5/15/09 Clarksville KC, Jackson, TN, WB, BOS for first point, Ms. Mountford
5/16/09 Jackson, KC, Jackson, TN, RWB, Ms. Gellerman
5/17/09 Jackson, KC, Jackson, TN, WB, BOS for second point Mrs. R.D. Smith

Not a bad weekend and a great beginning.  Way to go Kaley!! Kaley will be 6 in August and is the dam of Lorain's the Drama Queen "Sarah"( 9 pts) and Lorain's Lets Roll "Jeremy" who will start his show career at the June Orlando Shows.
February 15, 2009, at the Lakeland-Wiinter Haven Kennel Club show, Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance" is WD and BW  under Judge Shelly Hennessy, for another point.

March 22, 2009 Peach (Ch. Lorain's Impeachable Offense, PT) has been bred to Chance (Lorain's Luck of the Draw, 2 pts). Puppies are due memorial day weekend.

February 1, 2009 I receive confirmation from the American Shetland Sheepdog Association that Sncikers has fulfilled the requirements for the Versatility Excellent Award, so it is now Ch. Lorain's Scene Stealer, HSAS, CD,VCX. Snickers is the first dog to have reached this level of achievement.

December 13, 2008, at the Space Coast Kennel Club, Orlando, Florida, last dog show of the year, Judge Pete Dawkens awards Lorain's Luck of the Draw "Chance"  WD,BW and BOB over two specials (one is kennelmate "Peaches") for his first points.

December 6, 2008  at the Suwanne River Kennel Club, Lake City, FL, Judge Arlene Benko awards Lorain's Street Comic "Joker"  WD  his first point.

November 18, 2008  We say goodbye to a sheltie's best friend, Cinammon kitty, who lost his brave battle with cardiomyopathy. His special friends Charmie and Snickers will miss their bed buddy.

October 4-5, 2008 Snickers earns her second and third legs in obedience at the Orlando Dog Training Club Trials to complete her CD. It is now Ch. Lorain's Scene Stealer, HSAs, CD., VCX (pending ASSA confirmation) Snickers becomes the first here to qualify for the ASSA VCX (Versatility Excellent) award.

September 11, 2008, Kaley has her puppies, two boys,sable and white.

August 3, 2008 Lots of new pics taken of Peach and Sarah while visiting the Salem, VA area. Look for them soon on the website.

August 3, 2008, Peaches is BOB at the New River Valley KC, Salvem VA, under Judgge Muriel Purkhiser.  Peaches is now 3/5, since completing her Championship on June 13, 2008.

August 3, 2008 , Sarah is WB,BW at the New River Valley KC, Salem, VA, under Judge Muriel Purkhiser for 2 pts. Sarah is now minored out.

August 1, 2008, Peaches is BOB at the Roanoke KC, Salem, Va, under Judge Norm Kenny .

August 1, 2008 Sarah is WB,BW at the Roanoke KC, Salem, Va, under judge Norm Kenny for 2 pts.

June 21, 2008 Peaches is BOB on her first day as a move - up at the Central Florida KC in Orlando, FL under Judge Peg Mickelson, shown by jr. handler Erin McGory.

June 20, 2008  Peaches is WB,BW at the Brevard KC show in Orlando, FL under Judge Norman Herbel for a 3 pt. major to finish!!

June 6, 2008  Snickers qualifies with a score of 185, second place for her first leg of her CD!

May 23, 2008, Bailey is WD at the Casper, WY shows under Judge Leslie Hilz for his second 3 pt major, to finish!!

May 11, 2008 Bailey is WD at the Woodland, CA shows under Judge Don Willet for 3 point major, bringing his total up to 12 pts, one major.

October, 2008 Sarah is WB at the Ocala Show under Ed McNamee for one point, bringing her total to 5 pts

September 29, 2007 Bailey is WD,BW and BOB at the Volusia County KC, under Judge R.C. Thomas for one point, bring his total to nine points.

August 20, 2007  Work on the website begins.

August 12, 2007 Peach X Ian singleton puppy born born.

May 20 Bailey X Sage puppies born. One boy, one girl

April 13, 2007 Decker X Phoebe puppies born. Three girls, two boys.

03/29/19  There are a few puppies still available from the litters noted.  Tey are all sable and white and are almost 4 mos old)  Also Diane Turner Pacific Shelties has two male puppies, one sable and white and one tri color also 4 mos old that are available.  All puppies are UTD on shots, have health certificates, are crate trained and are working on leash work and potty training, so the hard work has been done.  If interested please e mail me at cessrick@gmail.com or Diane at pacificshelties@yahoo.com.